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Shipping Updates

In order to set realistic expectations, please reference the shipping updates below.

  • Shipping Business days are Monday – Friday. Holidays, Saturday and Sundays are not included in shipping days.
  • Orders cannot be canceled or modified once submitted.
  • We can only ship orders to physical home or business addresses within the United States. Note: We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or to a Post Office location for General Delivery.
  • Expedited Overnight shipping is unavailable until further notice, however we are offering 2-day shipping.
  • Bell does not offer same day shipping. 2-day shipping means the delivery will happen on or before the end of the 2nd business day after the order ships.
  • Ground shipping orders may experience delays of up to 10 days for processing.
  • Pro Deal, Employee Purchase, Athlete Support and other special program offers are not eligible for free shipping.

What Kind of Warranty Does My Helmet Come With?

Any Bell helmet determined by Bell to be defective in materials or workmanship within a period of one (1) year for bicycle helmets and a period of five (5) years for motorcycle helmets will be repaired or replaced, at Bell’s option, free of charge. Read the full details about our Helmet Warranty.

How Can I Obtain Replacement Parts For My Helmet?

Some small parts can be purchased on this site — look for the "accessories" section under the Powersports or Cycling sections. For all other parts, call us at 800-456-2355 or e-mail us at; we'll be happy to help!

Can I buy an ECE certified helmet from this website?

We do not presently sell ECE rated helmets in the United States or on this website.

Can I Use My Bell Bicycle Helmet for Other Sports/Activities Besides Cycling?

Each Bell helmet is certified for specific activities and should only be used for those sports. Almost all helmets listed in the cycling section of this website are ONLY for cycling, with the exception of the Segment, Faction and Fraction helmets which are certified for skate use as well as cycling. For auto racing helmets, please visit

Can I Paint My Helmet?

Bell does not recommend paints or solvents of any kind be used on the helmets. They can damage a helmet so that its protective capabilities are significantly reduced.

How Often Should a Helmet Be Replaced?

Bell has a general recommendation of replacing your helmet every three (3) years. If you are unsure of the condition of your helmet, or whether it should be replaced, call us at 800-456-2355 or e-mail us at for information on a free inspection.

What Do I Do If My Helmet Becomes Damaged?

Helmets don’t last forever. If the helmet is visibly damaged (cracked outer shell, crushed or cracked foam liner or any other damage) don’t use it. Some or all of the helmet’s protective capacity is used up when impacted, and the damage to a helmet is not always visible. If you have any questions about your helmet call 800-456-2355 or e-mail us at

How Do I Store My Helmet?

After each use, allow the helmet to air dry and then store it in a cool, dry place where it won’t get damaged.

Note: Excessive heat can damage your helmet. For example, in direct sunlight a dark gear bag, the interior of a car, or an automobile trunk can get hot enough to cause heat damage (damaged helmets will appear to have uneven or bubbly surfaces). Therefore, when not being used for a period of time we recommend that the helmet be placed back into its box or case and stored in a cool, dry place.

If you have any questions as to the condition of your helmet please call 800-456-2355 or e-mail us at for information on a free inspection.

How Do I Take Care of My Helmet?

Cleaning Your Helmet
Helmets are made of materials that can be damaged by many commonly available cleaners. Petroleum based solvents or cleaners are especially dangerous. They can damage a helmet so that its protective capabilities are significantly reduced. Many times this damage is not visible. For best results, clean the helmet using a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and mild soap (such as a mild dish soap).

Lice Removal
We get inquiries from day care centers or from people who share their helmets, and are concerned about lice infestation. Here’s a simple, effective way to get rid of them:

  1. Do not use spray of any type.
  2. Place the helmet into an airtight plastic bag for 48 hours. Then, remove the pads and use a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and mild soap to clean the surface.
  3. Discard the pads and plastic bag (keep bag out of reach of children due to suffocation hazard) and visit your local Bell dealer for replacement pads. Or, call us at 800-456-2355 or e-mail us at for replacement pads.

Why did you replace my entire helmet under warranty when only the Fit System is broken? Why can’t I just replace the Fit System?

A modern Bell helmet, retention system and fit system is a sophisticated structure.  Replacing the fit system could possibly compromise the helmet’s ability to stay properly in place in the event of a crash, which could result in injury. For this reason we opt to replace the entire helmet in case of a warranty claim, and with this in mind design durable, reliable retention systems.

Does Bell Have a Crash Replacement Program?

Bell’s Crash Replacement Program is available to customers in the United States only. Please contact your Local Authorized Bell Dealer to learn about programs available in your country.

Remember: Never wear a helmet that’s been involved in an accident.